Konjac Pan Mee with Oat Fiber
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Ketomee Konjac Pan Mee is the healthier alternative to the original wheat-based Pan Mee. Cut wider than the Wantan Mee, the Ketomee Pan Mee is perfect to hold thicker and chunkier sauces.

Ketomee Pan Mee is made from Premium Konjac roots with added Oat Fiber. 

The Oat Fiber give extra fibers needed for a healthy diet. The added Oat Fiber in Ketomee is comprised of insoluble fiber by processing oat's hull.

It is entirely Gluten Free and Sugar Free, making it ideal for Ketogenic and Atkins diet.


  • Sugar Free

  • Fat Free

  • Gluten Free

  • Low Carbohydrate

  • Low Calories

  • No Artificial Coloring



Weight : 350gr (immersed in water)

Cooking Instructions:

  • Drain the water out from the package

  • Rinse under running water for 10 seconds

  • Fry in high heat without oil for 1-2 minutes until all water evaporates

  • Ready to use


Storage :

  • Store in cool and dry place, room temperature. Avoid direct sunlight

  • DO NOT Freeze

  • Once opened, keep in refrigerator and consume within 3 days